Food Photography

Sprouting first-class food photography for W.S. Bentley.

Client Name

B Sow Healthy


After crafting a new brand identity and website for Yorkshire salad growers, W.S. Bentley, the company tasked us with capturing food photography of its different products – including salad cress, pea shoots and microgreens. These shots would be used across the website and W.S. Bentley’s B Sow Healthy blog, which provides health-conscious consumers with inspiration on how to incorporate the grower’s products into their daily diet.

The main aim of this photography was to showcase the versatility of the products – salad cress isn’t just delicious on egg sandwiches you know!

Working closely with W.S. Bentley, our styling team developed a number of simple recipes using everyday ingredients that are easy for consumers to follow, and tasty too!

In partnership with a professional chef, our team of stylists developed a simple, organic look for the photography shoot, allowing the finished dishes to speak for themselves.

First Class Photography

Moodboards were created for each recipe, outlining the intended look and feel for each dish. If the dish was a winter warmer, the photography set would be dark and cosy, whereas if the recipe was for a lighter, summer-inspired dish, the set would reflect this, using natural woods and light-coloured crockery.

Each of the dishes was prepared in our on-site, fully-functional kitchen, allowing our stylists to work with fresh produce and hot food directly, adding to the authentic look of the photography.

Check out the B Sow Healthy website to take a look at more of our photography.