Location Photography

Panaz: Meridian Location Shoot, Lincoln.

Client Name





The brief

As a leading name in global contract fabric, Panaz design and manufacture beautiful, commercial fabrics for use in healthcare, hospitality and the corporate world. We’re used to shooting with the team, we’ve always worked as an extension of their team, turning around shoots within weeks where new drops are released straight after samples are available. We often put our in-house set build team to work in the studio crafting bespoke sets and interesting backgrounds for flat lays.

What we did.

However, for the release of Meridian, a stunning new drapery fabric, the stakes were even higher. We needed to scout a location that would really stand up to the intricate fossil designs and jewel colours, with metres of fabric to hang, the search was on. With a long lead time it meant we could really throw the net out and managed to bag the perfect location house, book hotels, restaurants and catering for the clients and crew and hit the road.

We managed to create a suite of images that really captured the luxe nature of the fabric in situ and detail shots to support. As part of numerous launches we’ve shot for Panaz it’s important to us to always keep the ideas fresh, interesting and different so each fabric feels like it’s telling its own story.

With that in mind, take a look at our studio shoot to launch the Panaz range Shelby and Noble.