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Lipivir: Health Product Combatting Cold Sores

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Lipivir is an ambitious new brand, with a unique product aimed at preventing cold sore breakouts. The cream works as a barrier against the herpes virus, which is the first of it’s kind. The product was developed by a Swiss based company, who were looking to the UK as their first route to market.

Pure took over the digital advertising element of the strategy, which was inherited from another agency who were struggling with this specialised sector of the marketing strategy. This involved developing and managing the Google PPC and social advertising strategy, as well as overseeing the website UX and CRO strategy.

There was an existing advertising campaign which ran on Google, Facebook and Instagram when Pure took over the strategy. However, the loose targeting and lack of optimisation meant that there was a huge amount of inefficiency. Pure identified a strategy to run throughout the year aimed at lowering the cost per click to increase the return on ad spend.

The Groundwork…

Pure first suggested reworking the account structure into a more granular format known as Single Keyword AdGroup format. This allowed the team to keep control of the bidding specifically for each keyword on it’s own merits. It also ensured the quality score was maximised and click through rates were high, by ensuring the searchers keywords were included throughout their journey.

Pure also recognised an opportunity to capture additional market share by setting up a Google Shopping presence.

Pure also identified the tracking within the social campaigns was not working as it should be. With adds to acts being classified as a conversion. Pure remapped the tracking model to make sure the data being fed in was accurate.

The Optimisation Plan.


Over the next few months, Pure ran an optimisation plan, which involved analysing huge amounts of data, to pull out insights that could be used to optimise the campaign.

For the Google PPC campaigns this involved tactics such as bid modifiers, RSLA campaigns and keyword refinement. As well as this, there was ongoing A/B testing of advert copy to increase click through rates.

To optimise the social campaigns, Pure developed a targeting strategy which continually tested a number of parameters in separate adsets. If any showed potential, they were built into the ‘master adset’ and the test would start again. This was accompanied by a structured testing plan for the advert messaging and creative, to ascertain what would resonate with the target audience.

Data mining for additional keyword opportunities…

In the niche area of cold sore treatment, there was only so many cold sore keywords that showed intent to purchase a remedy. However, during keyword research, Pure saw an opportunity to capture cold sore sufferers earlier on in the sales funnel.

There was a huge amount of question based searches from sufferers, looking to educate themselves on cold sores as a subject, rather than looking to buy a treatment. Thinking strategically, this still signified the searcher suffered from cold sores and would therefore benefit from a preventative treatment, which they probably didn’t realise existed. The traffic was also very cheap to target.

Pure developed content that answered the questions of the searchers, whilst subtly introducing them to the product. Whilst the conversion rate was lower, due to the reduced intent, the traffic populated custom audiences and fed the retargeting campaigns.

Websit UX and CRO.

Another avenue of opportunity Pure identified was to improve the conversion rate of the website to maximise the return on ad spend. The bounce rate was extremely high and the conversion rate left room for improvement.

Pure suggested a series of landing page A/B tests, with the metrics focussing on bounce rate, add to cart rate and conversion rate. The tests focussed on content that might help instill trust and credibility, whilst also analysing audience needs to encourage purchase. These included bringing in content to reinforce the medical backing, push the delivery times and promote the first purchase discount.

Pure also suggested bringing in the powerful marketing automation platform, Klaviyo. Introducing some user flows to maximise every visit with pop ups to capture data and email flows to drive to purchase.


The Results.

  • Average CPC lowered from £2.91 to £0.71
  • Month on month increase in returning customers
  • CRO data to build into a new website platform