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Handicare  TechTool.

Client Name

Handicare Stairlifts


Handicare are a global manufacturer and supplier of solutions to help support and aid independence among physically challenged, or elderly people. As a long standing client, Handicare came to Pure with a brief to help streamline operations with engineers who install and maintain their stairlifts. Diagnosing faults involved lengthy phone calls whilst on-site, often trialling different solutions, before finding the offending fault and applying the correct solution. Handicare wanted to streamline this process by moving it online. 

Handicare TechTool.

When on site, stairlift engineers often come up against issues with the installation of the stairlifts and need guidance from Handicare’s technical team. The idea behind the TechTool platform was to shift dependency away from Handicare’s customer service team and on to a trouble shooting platform that gave engineers solutions to technical issues.

After a series of meetings and workshops with the client, a delivery team was established and project process agreed, that would allow Handicare’s marketing and engineering team to work with Pure’s website team, to create a platform that allows engineers the ability to troubleshoot issues and follow a process tree resulting in the correct solution for them.

The first stage was for Handicare’s engineering team to map out the fault trees that engineers would have to follow. This involved starting with top level questions and branching out to different routes depending on the answer given. This was accompanied by technical images and drawings to help explain the actions the engineers were required to take in order to move on to the next stage. Once the fault trees were finalised, Pure’s designers moved on to creating visuals of each stage from sign up to finding the solution for their fault or issue. The next stage was for the development team to build the platform, using the WordPress framework and bespoke coded templates.

The process.

Before launching, the platform was rigorously tested by both the Pure team and the Handicare engineering team, to ensure that the process was smooth and information was accurate. This was followed by testing with Engineers in the field and offering them a chance to feedback on the process.

The platform was extremely well received in the UK, with service calls vastly reduced and extremely high levels of usage reported on Google Analytics. Following the success, TechTool has been translated into 5 languages and rolled out to a global network of engineers. The platform is now regularly used by over 1500 engineers.

Due to the success of the engineer site, Pure have since built an end user version of TechTool which enables users to troubleshoot any problems with their Handicare stairlift and helps to reduce customer service calls and engineer call outs.