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Creating a buzz with Energizer.

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The brief

In a competitive industry, Energizer came to Pure in search of methods to stand out from their counterparts and relay key messages about the brand to consumers.

Looking for an endorsement, Energizer wanted to boost their credibility with a mission statement from an authentic body or organisation. We researched to find the best fit, and worked with Energizer to donate hundreds of their torches to Mountain Rescue whose teams are called out by the Police or local Ambulance services to help in searching for missing and/or injured people, often in mountainous areas or wilderness environments. The torches were used within a number of different scenarios over eight months, with Mountain Rescue providing feedback forms from the teams and Pure working these to draft an overarching statement of approval.

What We Did.

This will be used within ongoing PR outreach and marketing to bolster the Energizer products and instil trust in the brand.

Running alongside this project, Pure has worked with fire stations to provide lighting equipment from Energizer, with coverage published in a number of emergency services focused publications.