Studio Photography

Christopher Hyde: Lighting Collection Imagery, Studio

Client Name

Christopher Hyde


The brief

It’s always great when a client gives you lots of creative control over a set and how best to display their products. Christopher Hyde are a high-end lighting company whose products can be found in Royal palaces to luxury yachts. With that in mind we knew the set had to be really elevated whilst also allowing the lighting to be the star of the show. Our in-house set build team created a bespoke, panelled set that felt like it could be a commercial property like a luxury hotel or a beautiful home.

What we did.

We mixed individual product photography throughout the day with full set shots to create impact and intrigue. Our commercial photographers love the challenge of shooting different products and lighting is certainly an interesting proposition as it’s important to really showcase the ambience created.

Styling was key when it came to this job, with the furniture really elevating the shot and supporting . We have stylists in-house and also work with lots of names from around the country meaning we can put together the right team for the job every time.

The Results.  

As with lots of clients we provided a package of shots for digital use, including hero shots for the homepage of the Christopher Hyde website, individual lifestyle product imagery and then cut out shots. This full portfolio of shots is a requirement for many of our clients and is something we can easily deliver across our two studios. Studio 1, 5000 sq foot of space for creating stunning room sets, and then the smaller Studio 2 which offers the perfect place for shooting individual product shots.