Studio Photography

Chase Erwin: Solstice & Aurora Fabric Launch, Studio.

Client Name

Chase Erwin


The brief

With its flagship showroom located in London at the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, Chase Erwin is one of the global leaders in luxury interior textiles. The team have a really succinct vision on the look they want to achieve, forecasting rather than following trends.

Bearing that in mind, when we were working with them to plan the sets and shots to launch two new fabrics, we knew they would have to be highly editorial and have real impact. They wanted a full set of large set shots and smaller detail cameos.

What we did.

We created a really calm, ethereal space paying special attention to strong, directional lighting with a nod towards the dusk to elevate the shot. The set was all custom built with 12 foot high walls featuring lots of architectural details and a CGI ceiling. Finished with imperfect props in  natural materials the whole shot really allowed the luxe fabric to take centre stage.

We always keep a keen eye on budgets, but never want to compromise on the quality of the images we’re delivering. So when our clients and the designers wanted architecturally stunning cornicing but it was too expensive to buy and fit into a ceiling, our in-house CGI artists recreated it to drop into shot. Similarly with the ‘marble’ coffee table that we built from MDF and wrapped in vinyl, to give the effect of a super high-end piece, without the price tag.

The Results.  

The second launch that we shot for at the same time was Aurora, we created a deep luxurious backdrop that allowed light to bounce beautifully off the product, creating a richness and a sense of movement alluding to the night sky light display of Aurora. As with all our sets, we often try to build modular elements that can be utilised in different ways throughout the shoot to create multiple looks. Here, we designed elements that allowed the fabric to flow beautifully from and on them, bespoke built plinths were used to create a sense of movement.

Alongside the set shots, we did a series of creative fabric shots to add another dimension to the shoot and provide Chase Erwin with even more content. It’s always great when a client leaves with a full suite of images that can be used across print media, web and digital content and beyond.