Bedding Retailer Integrated Marketing Case Study

An Integrated Marketing Strategy for Room to Grow.

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Client Name

Room to Grow


The brief.

Room to Grow approached us to help refine its SEO and outreach strategy, at a time where the children’s bedroom market was becoming increasingly competitive. The brand  had been hit  hard with multiple Google algorithm updates, which had made it difficult to sustain a revenue stream with just  PPC and SEO alone. Room to Grow was looking  to shift its dependency away from SEO and online advertising, and work with an agency that could devise and deliver a strategic content marketing approach to improve online presence and conversion.

Developing the strategy
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What we did.

In response to this challenge we  proposed a digital strategy consisting of PR, social media, influencer relations, video, photography, PPC,  social advertising, SEO  and  link building. Through employing these tactics our aim was to position Room to Grow as the ‘go to’ brand for children’s bedroom furniture, focusing on capturing consumers at the start of their journey and retaining loyalty throughout.

Digital audits and strategy

SEO and PPC Strategy.

The first step was to audit both the PPC, Social advertising campaigns, as well as the SEO position. This gave us a blueprint for the ongoing strategy. From an SEO perspective, a new strategy was put forward that focussed on creating a sound technical platform, ongoing content creation supporting the business critical keywords and extensive outreach and link building with key medi, bloggers and other publications. The PPC strategy was completely remapped to work within RTG’s profit margins and then slowly scaled up to increase volume and maintain the target ROAS.

Content Marketing

The content side of the strategy focused on increasing brand awareness to feed customers into the sales funnel at the early stage of their research. Whilst brand awareness was the main concern, the strategy worked cohesively with the SEO and link building activity, by focussing on common content themes that  naturally reinforced the target keywords at that time. The PR and social media team targeted online opportunities with a strong domain authority, working with journalists to secure links and brand mentions which positively impacted SEO and the link profile. The offsite link building activity was also combined with technical SEO and onsite content strategy, that optimised the website and directed the equity to the right areas. This provided a much more natural link portfolio that could be scaled at a safe rate.


Influencer outreach.

As part of the retainer we also  worked with influencers on product collaborations ensuring that the content produced felt authentic and natural to both the influencer and the brand.. Alongside these partnerships we also managed the social media channels for Room to Grow and produced bespoke photo and video content in our photography studio, as well as working alongside our design team to create multimedia assets such as gifs.