Studio Photography

Abraham Moon Studio Shoot: British Eccentrics & Stripes Collection Launch

Client Name

Christopher Hyde


The brief

A client like Abraham Moon brings with it a sense of history, founded in 1837 the company is rooted in British tradition, heritage and quality. But with that, comes a desire to innovate, push boundaries and evolve. With the launch of their new British Eccentrics & Stripes collection, they really wanted something different, to break the mould and have real impact.

What we did.

We built an impressive main set featuring 10 foot high walls, a reclaimed fireplace, custom panelling and sash windows amongst other period features. Designed in bold, eclectic colours and pattern complimented by statement art and propping with a contemporary twist. This sat alongside a tongue and groove panelled bedroom complete with window seat, also built in the same studio to allow constant shooting time between sets.

We showcased the fabric on curtains, furniture upholstery, cushions, throws and all manner of textile items to really bring the collection to life. An honour to work with such an established brand and help demonstrate its relevance in today’s interior world.