Digital Strategy

A Digital Strategy for Plastic Sheets Direct.

Client Name

Plastic Sheets Direct


The approach

CDM Plastics have been a client of Pure agency for many years, working across design and development. The business offers bespoke acrylic signage, POS and graphics to major retailers across the UK. Having spotted an opportunity to broaden their business model and enter the consumer arena with cut to measure plastics, CDM came to Pure to help them make that happen.

eCommerce website.

Pure started the strategy by looking at the marketplace and analysing the competition. It was a crowded marketplace, with businesses that had spent many years building up their online presence. To demonstrate results short term, Pure recognised that the website had to be strategically designed to accommodate an ongoing SEO and PPC strategy. This involved in depth keyword research to gather search data and using the insights to structure the website.

The next stage was to wireframe each template of the website, to allow the delivery team to work on page layouts that not only made the user journey smooth and intuitive, but also gave room for insightful content that aided the sales process and search engines alike.

Pure then moved on to creating a visual identity for the new brand, before designing each template. Once the visuals were signed off, Pure’s developers coded the templates from scratch in the WordPress framework. Alongside the development, Pure’s photography team shot each product to give the website unique imagery, which is very uncommon in the industry. This would later feed into the PPC strategy by allowing products to stand out within the Google Shopping feed. The copywriters also wrote compelling, SEO friendly copy for the category and product detail pages.

The marketing strategy.

Alongside the website project, Pure developed a digital marketing strategy that comprised SEO, PPC and social media advertising to drive traffic. Working to a strict ROAS to operate within the clients profit margins, the strategy leaned on the paid channels initially – with a view to shifting dependency away from the paid channels and on to organic over time.

Pure trialled different tactics within Google AdWords using programmatic display, search and shopping, along with different keyword and bidding strategies, before finding the right blend to hit the target ROAS. Once that was achieved, the ongoing strategy has focussed on scaling the volume, whilst maintaining the ROAS.