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Preparing you for your big moment.

Securing yourself and your business a prime time interview will be crucial to the future success of your business and we’re here to support you in preparing for the momentous occasion. We will ensure that your spokesperson handles the situation with confidence and grace whilst also conveying the right messages.

Staying on the right track.

Journalists will have prepared and sent over some brief questions for you to grasp the direction and angle of the interview, however, from time to time, they have an ulterior motive and may ask questions that aren’t relevant to the key messages you wish to convey. But how do you handle it? That’s where we come in. Ensuring you head into that interview as prepared as possible, knowing every avenue it could take, is our priority and with our media trained specialists on hand to help there shouldn’t be any surprises. Whether you’re preparing for a broadcast, print or digital interview, we have the skillset and experience to ensure that you leave the interview having said everything you needed to.

Our Clients

Our brilliant clients.

Simply, clarify & magnify.

The aim of any interview surrounding your business should focus on 3 things from your perspective. Your spokesperson needs to simplify the answers to the interviewers questions, clarify the key messages, and focus on spreading awareness of your business. It is easy to become sidetracked within the conversation and therefore, media training is beneficial to not only making your spokesperson feel comfortable but also ensure that your business receives the best possible reaction from the audience. By coming to us for your media training, you will eradicate the fear surrounding interviews and will instead by reaching out for more.

Other Services

Putting it all together.


Media Relations

Our PR team speaks to journalists on a daily basis, creating the contacts that get your services and products in the news. Identifying forward features, profile opportunities and awards in your target media, while working with you to define newsworthy stories for press releases, we can execute a winning media relations strategy to secure the results you need.



PR can come in all different shapes and sizes so whether you’re looking to connect with consumers, or communicate with other trades in the industry, our team of strategic specialists are able to guide you in the right direction.


Crisis Management

All businesses come up against hard times, and if you’re in the spotlight, it could make or break your reputation. Our PR consultants can work with you to identify potential issues before they happen, outlining processes, plans and responses to control the damage if a situation occurs. Alternatively if a crisis happens, we’ll be there to guide you through it.


Product Launches

Working with our photography, design and video departments, we have everything we need in-house to really make your product ranges stand out in a crowded market. We will liaise with key influencers within your industry, from media and bloggers to celebrities and consumers to give your product launches the attention they really deserve.

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