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Managing your reputation with the media is perhaps the most important part of an integrated communications campaign – the press’ opinion of you and your brand can sometimes make or break a business.

As an expert media relations agency, we have the expertise and know-how to ensure that your relationships with the media are managed and maintained effectively.  By retaining control of the media narrative around your brand, we can work together to avert any potential issues and keep all coverage around your business positive.

Getting your name in the headlines.

Media relations is a tactic which involves utilising relationships with the media to leverage press coverage for a business or brand. We will work alongside your business to support building positive relationships with members of the media, encouraging them to regularly write favourably about you. Generating these relationships will help transform your current strategies as well as help you reach the people that matter.

With our expertise in PR media relations, we can help you to engage your current target audiences as well as reach further experts in the field by securing media coverage across platforms that they engage with – whether it’s reading, watching or listening. Proficient at both print and digital platforms as well as a long list of journalist connections, we are the media relations agency you have been looking for.

Our Clients

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Shouting it from the rooftops.

When a business or brand has a newsworthy story to tell, rolling out a programme of sustained media relations around it is a key tactic in communicating the story to audiences that will be interested in the news. We are dedicated to working with the media on your behalf to help generate brand awareness, whilst controlling the messaging and narrative around the story. All of this will have a positive impact on the perception of your business.

Media relations services

  • Technical and trade copywriting
  • Press release and feature writing
  • Media coverage audit and key messaging analysis
  • Journalist liaison
  • Fast response press office
  • Reactive media statement drafting
  • Regional, national and international media relations
  • Creative PR stunts
  • Press house tours
  • Strategic B2B campaigns
  • Product launch events
Other services

Putting it all together.



Words are a powerful tool and our content specialists know how to tell a story that will engage your existing audiences, as well as reach new ones. As masters of their craft, they will help improve your visibility in both long and short formats.


Media Training

Preparation is the key to feeling confident and well-prepared ahead of an interview. Our team can help your internal spokesperson convey the right messages in an interview environment, without feeling overwhelmed.



PR can come in all different shapes and sizes so whether you’re looking to connect with consumers, or communicate with other trades in the industry, our team of strategic specialists are able to guide you in the right direction.


Crisis Management

All businesses come up against hard times, and if you’re in the spotlight, it could make or break your reputation. Our PR consultants can work with you to identify potential issues before they happen, outlining processes, plans and responses to control the damage if a situation occurs. Alternatively if a crisis happens, we’ll be there to guide you through it.

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