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Email marketing campaigns

Want immediate delivery of your campaign message to potentially thousands of people? Then look no further than email marketing. Strategic email marketing campaigns can considerably reduce marketing costs, while just one e-shot can deliver a host of brand messages directly to your target audiences’ inboxes.

Direct users and generate traffic

Engaging with customers via email campaigns is a great way of driving more traffic to your website.

Many web users report they get more conversions from email marketing than any other channel, including search and social, so if you’re running a promotional campaign, let your customers know about it.

A complete email campaign service

Not only can our Leeds-based web team design and build your marketing campaign, but we can send it out for you too. No matter if it’s going to just a few recipients or thousands of people, we work with you to make sure your email marketing campaign reflects your brand, while effectively reaching your target audience to achieve the best results.

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