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Conversion rate optimisation is the process of increasing a percentage of visitors on a website to take a desired action. This action could be as simple as signing up to a mailing list or even purchasing a product.

How we do it

The Pure approach to CRO.

Your conversion rate is the easiest way to increase your profit which is why it’s so important that you optimise it. Our approach is to help you transform your website visitors into leads and customers. We’ll collaborate with you to ensure your website works harder for you.

Once we work to understand your business, and the stumbling blocks you’d like to overcome, we’ll analyse your current data, and using our years of expertise, we’ll then provide suggestions based on our findings.

Our digital clients

Our brilliant clients.


What’s happening on your website?

Tools that we use to understand what’s happening on your website include:

  • Google Analytics – tracking website traffic via Google Analytics allows us to understand what’s happening across your website
  • Heat maps – using heat maps we can see real time analytics and highlight which areas of your website are the most popular
  • Funnel tools – understanding the flow your visitors take when visiting your website that results in conversions allows us to track the user journey throughout the website and optimise it 
  • Website feedback – a great way to learn more about what your visitors think about your website
  • A/B testing – we can test different variations of a particular page to find which performs best
CRO strategy

Micro or Macro?

There are two types of conversions, micro and macro.

Micro conversions

These are small steps visitors take that are a strong indication that they will be converted. Micro conversions are not considered as part of your sites’ conversion rate but they contribute to how effective your conversion rate strategy is. Think of them as small BUT very important steps that help you to reach your end goal. Examples include your visitors visiting your site, viewing categories, creating an account, adding a product to a basket or proceeding to checkout. 

Macro conversions

A macro conversion is the primary goal of your website. For example if you have an ecommerce website, this would be purchasing a product. Other examples might look like requesting a quote, signing up to a paid subscription service, or a phone call driven from the website (from a non-ecommerce site). 

To calculate your conversion rate optimisation, we divide the number of conversions by the total number of visitors and multiply the result by 100 to get a percentage. 

Why CRO matters?

Why include a CRO plan in your strategy?


Improved customer insights

Understand your audience better and attract the right visitors to your website to gain new customers



Turn browsers into buyers with CRO without running out of resources


Better user experience

By understanding what works you can create a better experience for your website visitors

360 degree strategies

Complimentary services for an CRO strategy.


Paid Search (PPC)

Your paid traffic streams will benefit from a CRO strategy. If more of the traffic you drive converts, your ROI improves.


Web design

The CRO audits will highlights areas of interest and those areas need to be tested to find solutions. That’s where Pure’s digital designers can help visualise different concepts to A/B test.



Often A/B tests require different messaging to see which has the highest conversion rate.


Web development

Insights from CRO testing need to be updated on your website to feel the benefit. That is where our developers come in!