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Photography & Video

Our photography facilities make us stand out as a full-service agency. With two studios, a fully-equipped kitchen and changing room, we have an extensive portfolio from fashion and food to products and interiors. And when the studio isn’t quite right for the job, we identify the best locations and take to the road, capturing the shots you need to make your products stand out. Take a look at our dedicated photography website and the services our photography and video team offers:

Fashion photography

Working with clients such as Joseph Turner and Brodie Cashmere, for both location and studio photography, we can capture inspiring shots that add a touch of class to your collections.

Room set photography

Our in-house stylist can create inviting room sets in which to photograph your products. From building bathroom scenes for our client, Frontline, to cosy living rooms for Spink & Edgar Upholstery, our studio can offer it all.

Product photography

Working with clients such as Yushoi and Nutri Ninja, our photographers can light the perfect shot to make your products stand out on a billboard, brochure or TV campaign.

Video & TV production

With HD TV and video production facilities in-house, we can manage advert storyboarding, scripting, filming, voiceover, editing and post production. Whether you come to us with a storyboard, or a completely blank canvas, we can help you make the most of the powerful visual medium of TV.

CGI, 3D graphics & animation

Our photography and video team can create stand-out animations for conferences, social media and other online platforms. We have the experience to hone your ideas into a succinct visual, which will appeal to your audience and recruit new brand followers.

Drone & GoPro photography and video

With Drone and Go Pro technology in-house, we can capture incredible footage, when a camera just won’t do. Whether it’s inspiring over-head shots or cropped-in action footage, we can provide you with a variety of visual options to give you breadth and choice when communicating your brand essence.

Here’s an example of the some of the clients our Photography & Video team has worked with:

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