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Social media strategy for Knightsbridge Furniture.

Knightsbridge Furniture, a leading contract supplier specialising in furniture for healthcare, hospitality and the workplace, approached us for help with its content and social strategy, which was inactive due to a company restructure. Its aim was to reconnect with its customers and capitalise on an increase in demand for its furniture driven by the pandemic.


In response, our content team developed a fully integrated plan covering digital marketing, social media, content and design. Using our in-house photography studio, we planned, directed and shot bespoke content for Knightsbridge, which included interviews with designers, GIFs and stills of new furniture ranges. We also tasked our graphic designers with creating infographics, annotated feature graphics and other creative content assets.


Across 12 months, we significantly increased the number of followers across Knightbridge’s Facebook and Instagram channels, reaching more than 200,000 members of the target audience.

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