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Collaborating with Energizer.

In order to bolster awareness of its light and torch product range and foster brand trust, we were appointed to collaborate with Energizer on a strategic communications campaign aimed at distinguishing the brand from its competitors and obtaining positive product advocacy, while effectively communicating key brand messages to consumers.

We secured a partnership with Mountain Rescue and provided the charity with hundreds of Energizer torches for its volunteer rescue crews to utilise during search and rescue efforts up and down the country, which often involved the teams rescuing missing and/or injured people in mountainous and dangerous areas.

This exercise resulted in the generation of powerful third-party endorsements, with the Mountain Rescue crews singing the praises of the Energizer products, stating directly how they out-performed competitor products. 

We then developed these endorsements into a hard-hitting, overarching statement of approval, reflecting the torches’ effectiveness and superiority from those on the front line of rescue operations. This statement is now available for Energizer to use across its marketing collateral.

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