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LinkedIn announce improvements to their content quality experience.

LinkedIn has announced feed changes to give users a more personalised content experience. 

In a bid to keep the feed more authentic and useful, the world’s largest professional network will no longer reward engagement baiting tactics. This is content that includes posts that explicitly encourage users to engage via likes or reactions, solely in order to boost reach on the platform. Many users have communicated that this type of content is ‘misleading and frustrating’. The platform has encouraged users to ‘focus on delivering reliable, credible and authentic content’.

According to feedback LinkedIn have received, polls are seen far too frequently in people’s feed. As a result, the platform has decided to update its algorithms and crack down on these types of posts ensuring that users only see helpful and relevant polls. This means users will see less polls from people they don’t know and more from the people they are more likely to engage with.

LinkedIn has made a further update which allows users to be able to opt out of seeing political content. This is currently being trialled in the US, with the hopes of developing this feature further and expanding into more regions.

Targeted activity from your own network is what users can expect to see more of. This is content that users are likely to engage with more often instead of seeing activity from all of your connections.

Whether you welcome these changes or disagree with the change in direction, it is clear that LinkedIn is working to ensure our feeds stay relevant, reliable and authentic.

Keep an eye out for changes to your feed over the next coming weeks.

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