Onyx Car Photography

Vehicle Photography for the Onyx Bentley

Client: Onyx
Skills: Vehicle Photography, Video

This Onyx Bentley came to us recently and received the full treatment in one of our in-house photographic studios. Vehicle photography can be tricky at the best of times, with so many reflective surfaces, but our experienced team knows how to achieve the perfect look. The photographic studio has a huge infinity cove on two walls, as well as a floating ceiling on three winches that can be moved over the vehicle during photography to control the reflections on the top of the car

While the car was in our studio we also created video teaser clips to be released via social media. The video was shot in almost total darkness with just a light wand moving over the surface of the car, reflecting of the curves and lines of the vehicle. The video clip was kept to under 30 seconds so it could be used on Twitter and other social media channels.

vehicle photography
Vehicle studio photography Leeds - Pure
vehicle photography

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